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Financial Incentives

Jerusalem is the only centrally located city in Israel to enjoy national development zone A status. This status entitles technology-based companies and investors to benefit from the best grants and tax incentives available in Israel today.

Life sciences companies choosing to launch operations in Jerusalem are eligible for prime financial support incentives and are given special preference. In addition, companies with a presence in Jerusalem can also benefit from a series of municipal incentives offered by theJerusalem Development Authority which provides support to companies doing business in Jerusalem.

Subject to the specific terms of the various programs, financial incentives include the following*:

Development zone A incentives for technology-based companies

  • Government grant of up to 20% of tangible fixed assets (i.e., the original cost of land development and investment in buildings, machinery and equipment)
  • Significant corporate tax reduction down to 9% in 2015
  • Tax rate on dividends is reduced to 20%
  • Employment grants of up to 20% of salaries for 4 years for companies employing at least 15 high-wage employees
  • R&D assistance grants of up to 60% of approved R&D programs offered by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor


Jerusalem special incentives package

  • Exceptional grants of up to 3.9 million NIS for life science companies that are - new in / moving to / expanding their activities in Jerusalem . This grant is conditional upon the number of new employees (2-50).  For additional information, read more and contact us.

  • Relocation and expansion grants of up to 800,000 NIS for companies establishing new facilities (of at least 100 sqm) or expanding existing facilities (by at least 700 sqm) Read more...

*The terms of the programs are subject to changes and comply with JDA’s regulations published in the site:

Did You Know?

  • One-third of the academic research, nearly half of the biotech research and half of the medical research in Israel is conducted in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its affiliate Hadassah Medical Center.

  • Jerusalem is a leader in several lucrative and promising life sciences fields encompassing multidisciplinary approaches such as brain research and regenerative medicine, particularly stem cells.