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Business Consultants

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  • Genesis Group International
    Genesis Group International specializes in joint ventures, strategic partnership, acquisitions and executive search.
  • IsraTec Consulting Services
    IsraTec supports corporate management with intensive market studies, from which innovative and considered product strategies are derived....
  • Kodish Capital
    Kodish Capital assists venture capital funds in raising capital abroad. Kodish Capital expanded its services, offering strategic direction,...
  • MediTech Advisors LLP
    MediTech Advisors is a consulting company that provides value added services to medical device companies in Israel and globally. The...
  • TDD - Technical Due Diligence for the Biotechnology Industry
    TDD - Technical Due Diligence for the Biotechnology Industry aims to provide early stage investors and other commercial entities with...
  • The Trout Group
    The Trout Group provides investor relations and strategic advisory services to the life sciences industry.
Results: 1-6 out of 6

Did You Know?

  • One-third of the academic research, nearly half of the biotech research and half of the medical research in Israel is conducted in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its affiliate Hadassah Medical Center.

  • Jerusalem is a leader in several lucrative and promising life sciences fields encompassing multidisciplinary approaches such as brain research and regenerative medicine, particularly stem cells.