Raphael Gorodetsky

Academic Appointment: Associate Professor
Academic Degree: Ph.D.

Research Interest:

Biotechnology of tissue regeneration: Fibrin based technologies and their application in producing matrices for 3D cell-culture and stem cells isolation for tissue regeneration and related technology. Development of fibrin-microbeads (FMB) and new fibrino-peptides for tissue engineering and wound healing. Studies of skin physiology. Radiobiology and cancer research: the interaction of drugs with radiation. Non-invasive trace elements analysis in tissues.

Contact Info

Email Rafi@hadassah.org.il

Head, Biotechnology and Radiobiology Labs

Chief Scientist, Hapto Biotech LTD, Jerusalem, A Forticell Bioscience NY partner

Sharett Institute of Oncology Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center, POB 12000, Jerusalem 91120

Phone 972-2-6778395; 972-50-7874684
Fax 972-2-6415073