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Clalit Health Services

Clalit is the largest health organization in Israel and the second largest in the world. More than 3.8 million Israeli residents are members of the Clalit, which covers 54% of the population. Clalit provides its medical services through 1,400 clinics, 420 pharmacies, 80 dental care clinics (Clalit Smile), 80 clinic laboratories, 35 radiology facilities and 14 hospitals, including Schneider Children's Medical Center – the Israeli leader in medical treatment of children and adolescents. Clalit employs 7,500 physicians, 11,500 nurses, 1,300 pharmacists, 4,400 paramedics and laboratory/imaging technicians and 9,400 administrative personnel.

Clalit has always fostered research activity, and a large number of Clalit scientists, physicians and support staff engage in full-time research, while many others pursue scientific investigations in addition to their clinical work. Every year hundreds of papers originating in Clalit facilities are published in scientific journals in Israel and abroad. The Clalit national administration also initiates social science research which looks into the workings of Clalit itself: medical economics, the utilization and organization of medical services, and patient attitudes.

In Jerusalem, Clalit is the leading HMO, with more than 430,000 members - covering 42.4% of the district, 52 clinics in The Western City, 32 clinics in the Eastern City, 55 rural clinics, 36 pharmacies within the clinics and 34 arrangement pharmacies. In addition, Clalit Jerusalem possesses modern innovative Health Care Centers for the Woman and Child, and large institutes for Gastroenterology, Imaging and Physiotherapy. Furthermore, the largest number of specialized family doctors in Jerusalem – belong to The Clalit. Recently, the central laboratories of the district were relocated to a new, ultra-modern, multi-disciplinary facility, situated in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem.

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