Hormone Research

There has been heightened activity in both basic and clinical research at Shaare Zedek in recent years. The hospital’s recent affiliation with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is giving substantial added impetus to research. This milestone in the development of the hospital will create many new opportunities for joint studies in the field of hormone research.

Research Activities include:

Evaluation of the efficacy of a long-acting implant system releasing the GnRH superagonist histrelin in patients with prostate cancer and its removal. Evaluation of the precise duration of action of the commonly used depot GnRH analogs buserelin and goserelin. Treatment of the male andropause with sildenafil citrate . Novel treatment of central precocious puberty with histrelin implant. Determining the ability of progesterone receptor modulator, mifepristone, to induce cervical dilatation in non-pregnant women in whom access to the uterine lumen is required. Trials on a vaginal ring formulation containing estradiol and progesterone as a novel hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. Relationship between gonadotropins, the inhibin/activin family and the testicular IL-1 system in the regulation of spermatogenesis.

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