The Department of Pediatrics is one of the largest in Israel (35 beds + 15 additional beds in the pediatric surgery unit) together with the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Department (13 beds + 2 trauma beds). Concentration of the management of all pediatric departments, institutes and units within one framework promotes effectiveness of the care provided by the medical staff such that maximal clinical experience is channeled to the most comprehensive care for each child, promoting a supportive, professional environment and optimal cooperation with the community-based medical community.

Research Activities include:

Helicobacter pylori in Israeli children - epidemiology and characterization of Hp strains in relation to morbidity. Corticosteroid treatment in Crohn’s disease/acute bronchiolitis. Indirect pancreatic function tests (trypsinogen, elastase 1). Cystic fibrosis and CFTR. Celiac disease. Apoptosis research. Pseudohypoaldosteronism. Infectious diseases - epidemiology, manifestations, laboratory/imaging tests, consultation and recommended antimicrobial agents. Pediatric hematology (beta-thalassemia and iron chelation therapy, B12 and G6PD deficiencies). Pediatric oncology. Pediatric pulmonology (asthma and bronchoscopy). Neonatology (neonatal jaundice, treatment of persistent patent ductus arteriosus, neonatal cerebral blood flow velocity, ischemia reperfusion injury, probiotics in premature neonates at risk for feeding difficulties, Downs' syndrome, group B Streptococcal infections, Kangaroo Care of premature infants). Pediatric nephrology - genetic basis and risk factors of renal diseases (childhood nephrotic syndrome, primary hyperoxaluria type 1, hyperphosphatemia-hyperostosis syndrome). Pediatric metabolic diseases (disorders of mitochondrial respiratory chain at the clinical, enzymatic, and molecular levels, molecular basis of several organic acid disorders, fibroblasts in Ashkenazi-Jewish patients). Pediatric cardiology (myocardial and valves calcification and stenosis). Pediatric neurology (ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism, obstructive sleep apnea, neonatal epilepsy, genetic syndromes - Tourette, Prader-Willi, cognitive development of Israeli children born at very low birthweight, neuropsychological concomitants of Gaucher’s/Tay Sachs disease, encopresis).

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Contact Person Prof. Francis Mimouni , Director, Department of Pediatrics and the Division of Pediatrics
Address 6th floor, Shaare Zedek Medical Center
Phone 972-2-6555542, 6555445
Fax 972-2-6555297