The Goldwyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy

The mission of the Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy Institute is to develop gene therapy for clinical applications. The studies at the Institute focus on three general directions covering a spectrum of medical targets/diseases: A. The cellular gene therapy platform, B. Viral vectors, and C. Non-viral vectors. In addition, the Institute is engaged in the development of research and biotechnological tools for gene therapy, aimed at facilitating the use of the gene therapy platform in the clinic. The institute is composed of three independent units:I. The Research Laboratory that conducts in-vitro and invivo studies, including the development of animal models and the assessment of platform technologies in each and every project. II. National-Hadassah Gene Therapy Production Facility (current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)) - to produce molecular therapeutics, including proteins, DNA, viral vectors and cell therapeutics, all meeting cGMP guidelines of the EMA and FDA. III. The Clinical Research Ward.

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