The Unit is very active in providing patient services on an out-patient and in-hospital basis, as well as being involved in academic activities such as teaching and research.

Research includes:

1. Osteoarthritis

Epidemiology and risk factors

Clinical studies with potential structure modifying agents

Tetracyclines and chrondocyte cytokine production

Ethical issues that relate to chronic disabling arthritis in the elderly; Allocation of health care resources and discrimination based on age. ]

2. Fibromyalgia

Clinical characterization

Behavioural research

Clinical drug trials

3. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Clinical drug trials with Etanercept (TNF alpha receptor) with and without concomittant methotrexate.

Efficacy of Leflunamide in refractory RA.

Scientists & Research

Contact Info

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Contact Person Prof. Alan Rubinow, MD, Head of Department
Phone 972-2-6776478