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The primary clinical interests of the Department of Pediatric Surgery are in major congenital anomalies and malformations, gastrointestinal and chest surgery, trauma and burns, pediatric solid tumors, parenteral nutrition and metabolic disorders in the neonatal and infantile period. Laboratory research is carried out in the Surgical Laboratory and at the Trauma Research Center, and includes topics such as ischemia and reperfusion of the bowel; short gut syndrome; the role of prostaglandins in necrotic bowel disease; modulation of esophageal caustic injury in an animal model; surgical techniques for biliary atresia, epidemiology and mechanics of childhood trauma; the role of insulin and prostaglandins in experimental endotoxic shock and ultramicrostructural changes of isolated organs perfused with endotoxin; the pulmonary and RES response to experimentally induced E. coli sepsis in biliary system obstructed animals; experimental hepatoma, experimental small bowel transplant, and experimental studies of bacterial adhesiveness. Major clinical interests include metabolic changes in surgical infants and neonates; necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC); neonatal intestinal obstructions; esophageal malformations; venous and other vascular anomalies, surgical infections, intravenous nutrition, burns and trauma

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