Oncology (Sharet Institute)

The Laboratories of the department of Oncology are involved in basic and applied research in the areas of Cancer Research, Radiobiology, Cell Biology, Development of new treatment modalities, Biotechnology and tissue regeneration. Research areas include:Breast Cancer, Genetics (Breast Cancer, Ovarian), Vaccination (Melanoma, DC, Ovarian, Breast), Holocaust Survivors and Cancer Psycho-Oncology, Metastasis, Angiogenesis, Extracellular matrix, Heparanase and Heparan Sulfate, Vascular endothelial cells, Restenosis, New Tumor Markers, Regulation of inflammatory Cytokines, Fibrin-related tissue engineering, Wound healing research, Radiobiology, cancer treatment, Cytotoxity of drugs with radiation, Tumor invasion, metastasis, cell signaling. Dendritic Cells and recombinant proteins, MUC-1 Peptides Immunotherapy.

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Contact Person Prof. Tamar Peretz, Head of Department