Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

The Department of Anesthesiology serves 21 operating rooms at Hadassah - Ein Kerem and six operating rooms at Hadassah - Mt. Scopus. The department provides anesthesia, sedation and resuscitation services throughout the entire Medical Center and administers the Pain Management Clinic and Acute Pain Service. Over 50 critically ill or massively traumatized patients are admitted each month to The General Intensive Care Unit from the Emergency Room, Trauma Unit, hospital wards and other hospitals and receive critical care treatment.

Research Activities include:

The care of patients during the perioperative period. The care of critically ill patients. The management of acute and chronic pain. Ischemia-reperfusion injury to the lung. Gene therapy for the acute respiratory distress syndrome. The effects of nutrients on the development of neuropathic pain. Attenuation of ischemic myocardial damage during coronary artery occlusion. Spinal cord protection during vascular surgery. The incidence and mechanisms of myocardial ischemia and infarction in high risk patients during the intraoperative and postoperative periods. Methods of managing the intraoperative care of patients undergoing major abdominal surgery, specifically hepatic resections. Protecting the myocardium from ischemic damage during coronary artery surgery without cardiopulmonary bypass. Epidural analgesia during labor. The adrenal axis during critical illness. Ethical aspects of caring for the critically ill. Metabolic-ventilation interactions during critical illness. Triage of ICU admissions. Respiratory failure. The effects of nutrient intake on the development of chronic pain. Novel local anesthetic agents. Genetic aspects of post-mastectomy pain.

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