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Allergy and Immunopharmacology Laboratory

Location: HUJI, School of Pharmacy, Pharmacology

The laboratory is active in the field of allergy and immunopharmacology of inflammation

Service provided:

In vitro tests on human mast cells and on human eosinophils on the inhibitory activity of potential drugs, assessed in short term (30 min) or long term (18 hrs) cultures. Preformed granular mediators and released arachidonic acid metabolites and cytokines/chemokines are evaluated
In vivo assessment of potential anti-allergic activity of drugs in the following four models of allergy in mice: 1) Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (POA); 2) allergic peritonitis (AP); 3) short- term acute asthma (1 month) (SAA); 4) long-term chronic asthma (3 months) (LCA).

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Contact Person Prof. Francesca Levi-Schaffer
Phone 972-2-6757512
Fax 972-2-6758144