Braun School of Public Health

The Braun School of Public Health is an integral part of two leading medical and academic institutions - the Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University. The School has a well-deserved reputation for excellence due to its top academic staff and the high level of its seminars and training courses. Its graduates hold key positions in the health systems in Israel and across the world. The School successfully passed an on-site inspection by ASPHER, the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently accepted the School of Public Health as one of its members. This is the first time that an Israeli institution has received such recognition, and it is fitting that the Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Public Health is continuing the pioneering tradition for which the two institutions are renowned.

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Contact Person Orly Manor, Prof., School Director

Braun School of Public Health & Community Medicine
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