Tal Institute

Machon Tal, JCT's Women's Institute of Engineering in Jerusalem, established in September 2000, is the first college of higher learning to offer the opportunity for religious women to combine Judaic studies with academic degrees in high-tech engineering and marketing and enter Israel’s high-tech industries as professional engineers. Much encouragement for JCT's establishment of Machon Tal has been given by the Israel Council for Higher Education, who positively regards JCT’s contribution to the high-tech workforce in Israel as well as the opportunity provided to this sector of Israel's society to be able to study subjects in this field.

Machon Tal includes the following schools: School of Engineering, Service Departments, School of Industrial management, The School of Life and Health Sciences.

See Machon Lev Departments for details on Machon Tal Departments.

Contact Info

Email machon-tal@ jct.ac.il
Address Tal Institute, 7 Bet Hadefus St. Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
Phone 972-2-654-7208
Fax 972-2-652-7262