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BioCancell Therapeutics Ltd.

Sector: Biotechnology - Therapeutics
Medical Field: Oncology
Technological Field: Theragnostics
Year Established: 2004
Stage: Clinical

BioCancell is specializing in the development of patient-oriented, targeted therapy for the treatment of a wide range of cancers based on a ground-breaking technology involving the H19 gene. The company's therapeutic and diagnostic technology constitutes a novel 'search and destroy' paradigm for the targeted destruction of cancer cells - with no effect on surrounding tissue and no observed side effects - for long-term, safe treatment and prevention of cancer.

BioCancell's technology has been successfully tested on compassionate use patients and in a Phase I/IIa superficial bladder cancer clinical trial. The technology has also shown excellent potential for the treatment of other fatal and high-incidence cancers, and is currently being tested in Phase I/IIa clinical trials for pancreatic and ovarian cancers, as well as a Phase IIb clinical trial for bladder cancer.

Contact Info

Contact Person Uri Danon, CEO
Address Beck Science Center, 8 Hartom St, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem 97775, Israel
Phone 972-2-5486555
Fax 972-2-5486550