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Verto Ltd.

Sector: Medical Devices - Therapeutic Devices
Medical Field: Autoimmune Diseases
Technological Field: Extra-corporeal Immunoadsorbtion Column
Year Established: 2003
Stage: Clinical

Verto Medical Ltd. (Verto) is focused on the development of a drug-device product, the Lupusorb column, for the treatment of Lupus disease. It is the first of a series of products for the treatment of severe autoimmune diseases. The Lupusorb column is an extra-corporeal immunoadsorbtion column for use during plasmapheresis treatments and utilizes a highly specific proprietary peptide to selectively remove from circulation antibodies associated with the disease. The company is focused on initiating a first-in-man clinical study and is now completing the last product testing studies required prior to the submission of its clinical trial protocol to regulatory authorities. The upcoming clinical study will be carried out in 10 patients and will determine safety and the ability of the Lupusorb column to reduce the circulating levels of antibodies associated with Lupus disease.

Contact Info

Contact Person Mr. Stuart Bernstein , CEO
Address Kiryat Hadassah, P.O.Box 12000 Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Phone 972-2-6777369
Cellular 972-54-524-5667
Fax 972-2-642-9856