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Sigma Aldrich Jerusalem

Sector: Biotechnology - Specialty & Research Reagents
Medical Field: General Health
Technological Field: Research Tools
Year Established: 1994
Stage: Revenue

Sigma Aldrich Israel Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sigma-Aldrich Corp. conducts research and development, manufacture and distribution of a broad range of biochemical, organic and inorganic chemicals, immunochemicals, tissue culture and molecular biology reagents, diagnostic reagents and related products. In addition, the company distributes laboratory equipment and supplies for centrifugation, chromatography, electrophoresis, filtration and distillation as well as computer products and scientific books.

The Jerusalem facility (formerly Makor Chemicals) develops and manufactures fermentation products such as antibiotics, microbial toxins, lipo-polysaccharides, nucleic acids and polynucleotides; synthetic organic compounds such as purines, pyrimidines, sugars and derivatives, steroids, neuroactive compounds and plant growth stimulators; proteins and enzymes extracted from microbial, plant and animal sources, lectins and conjugates, glycoproteins involved in cell adhesion, growth and differentiation factors, signal transduction reagents and transcription factors for molecular biology research; lipids and their conjugates. SIGMA-ALDRICH ISRAEL employs over 180 people and manufactures over 3000 products in our Rehovot & Jerusalem facilities. These products are marketed in over 160 countries worldwide. SIGMA-ALDRICH Jerusalem develops and produces approximately 1300 products including biochemicals, organic chemicals and cell culture products.

Recently, the company approved the construction of a new cGMP biotechnology facility at the Jerusalem site. The facility will manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as excipients for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Contact Info

Contact Person Dr. Yael Asher, General Manager

13 Hamada Street, Har Hotzvim 97770, Jerusalem

Phone 972-2-5893666
Fax 972-2-5827474