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Innovent Medical Solutions Ltd.

Sector: Medical Devices - Therapeutic Devices
Medical Field: Respiratory
Technological Field: Non-invasive Respiratory Clearing System
Year Established: 2003
Stage: Pre-Clinical

Innovent Medical Solutions' breakthrough technology for non-invasive airway clearance promises to revolutionize secretion management in critical care ventilated patients. Our patented combination of a suction unit and a disposable valve simulates a natural cough in ventilated patients in order to clear their secretions non-invasively. This technique, known as mechanical inexsufflation, is more effective than the current gold standard: invasive catheter suction.

As compared to catheter suction, Innovent's system is completely non-traumatic, does not introduce infection into the airways, can clear areas of the lung inaccessible to catheters, and may enable patients to avoid endotracheal intubation completely.

Contact Info

Contact Person Dr. Eliezer Be'eri, CSO

8 Rabenu Politi st.
Jerusalem, Israel

Cellular 972-54-6871183