Sector: Medical Devices - Monitoring & Diagnosis
Medical Field:
Technological Field: Software
Year Established: 2014
Stage: Seed

Audyx is the first Web platform for audiology professionals. It aims at replacing current-day analog audiometers and empowers users to perform advanced hearing tests resulting in more accurate diagnosis. Taking advantage of the latest developments in Web and Cloud technologies, Audyx brings a disruptive technology that enables the online creation of sounds compliant with international audiology standards. With Audyx, audiology professionals easily perform online the most advanced hearing tests; they provide their patients with accurately adjusted hearing aids and personalized care.

Highly accessible and online, Audyx gathers for the first time the community of audiology professionals (practitioners, researchers, and manufacturers). With audiology professionals sharing information online, Audyx becomes the first global audiology data bank.    
Based on the Cloud, Audyx has also launched mobile audiology. Via a Smartphone App, patients are able to check the proper functioning of their hearing aids at any time. For audiologists, this is a powerful tool of communications and remote patient care. 
Lastly, with Audyx, large scale and remote diagnosis of hearing impairment will soon be a reality. This will be a game changer for hearing impairment diagnosis in retirement homes, and in areas ill-equipped with audiology professionals or devices.

Contact Info

Contact Person Bernard Lasry, CEO

JVP, 24 Derech Hevron, Jerusalem Israel