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NovellusDx (IL) Ltd.

Sector: Medical Devices - Monitoring & Diagnosis
Medical Field: Oncology
Technological Field: Multi-Disciplinary, vertically integrated
Year Established: 2011
Stage: Clinical

NovellusDx is a Molecular Diagnostics company dedicated to delivering the actionable intelligence that oncologists require to choose the right therapy for each patient.  NovellusDx provides comprehensive oncogenic activity profiling of individual patient tumors including charting the full landscape of known and unknown mutations that drive cancer’s progression, as well as the hierarchy of driver mutations and mutation Cross-Talk.  By measuring the activity of signaling pathways within a tumor, NovellusDx’s Precision Cancer Analysis™ System can assess the oncogenic activity of mutations and their response to targeted drugs for every patient individually. In addition, the Precision Cancer Analysis™ System helps biopharma companies identify expanded subgroups of cancer patients who are likely to respond to existing therapies, stratify patients to enable more focused and efficient trials and isolate new mutations to target.   NovellusDx has analyzed dozens of human case studies that demonstrate the actionable information our system provides well beyond that provided by NGS 


 NovellusDx technology offers solutions for two markets:

1.  Patient-oriented precision medicine: NovellusDx addresses two major bottlenecks that limit the ultimate utilization of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) patient data:

1.    NovellusDx technology discriminates between passenger mutations and driver mutations. Supporting the physicians with the actionable report for better clinical decision. 

2.    NovellusDx test relevant targeted therapeutics drugs and drugs combination on the patient emulated tumor and detect the drug or combination of drugs to inhibit patient activated signaling best.


2.  Drug discovery:  NovellusDx is solving several tailbacks

1.    Better patient selection in clinical trials.

2.    Estimate the need for companion diagnostics for a given drug and better support it.

Identify the pathway inhibited by a given drug to expand the use of compounds.

Contact Info

Contact Person Haim Gil-Ad, CEO

Jerusalem Bio-Park. Hadasah Medical Center Campus, POB 12057 Jerusalem, 91120

Phone 972-2-500-1100
Cellular 972-52-811-8606
Fax 972-2-547-7099