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JMB Davis Ben-David

Sector: Others - Services
Medical Field:
Technological Field: All
Year Established: 1995
Stage: Other

JMB Davis Ben-David operating from our offices in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, provides full service intellectual property representation for our clients and associates directly before the US and Israel Patent Offices.

Who we are

Founded:  In 1995

Practice:  Patents, trademarks, designs, litigation

Services Provided:  Searches, opinion work, strategic guidance, preparation, filing and prosecution of patent, design and trademark applications, enforcement of IP rights including investigation and mitigation.

Direct Representation:  Before US and Israel Patent Offices

Indirect Representation: (using local associate firms) Before European Patent Office as well as Patent Offices in China, India, Japan and other countries

What we offer

Number of attorneys who are native English speakers: All (10)

Number of attorneys educated in English-speaking countries: All (10)

Number of attorneys with life science PhDs: 4

Number of attorneys with degrees in Law: 4

Languages spoken by attorneys: English and Hebrew

Primary technology areas: Life Sciences and Hi Tech

Number of attorneys licensed to practice before the USPTO: 6

Number of attorneys licensed to practice before the Israel Patent Office: 9

Contact Info

Contact Person Jeremy Ben-David

Beck Science Center

8 Hartom Street  
Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem  
Israel 9777401

Phone 972-2-571-4777
Fax 972-2-571-4455