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SeamVad Ltd.

Sector: Medical Devices - Medical Equipment
Medical Field: Cardiovascular
Technological Field: Automated Vascular Device
Year Established: 2008
Stage: Seed

SeamVad is developing a blood vessels connector. Three main circumstances require creation of an artificial connection or reconnection of blood vessels: 1.The Tear or transection of major artery. 2.Obstruction of a major artery usually due to Arteriosclerosis, a disease where deposits of fats and calcium at the vessel's wall gradually obstruct it. 3.Creation of direct connection between an artery and a vein for Hemodialysis patients.

SeamVad's Automated Vascular Device includes two elements - introducer plus connector. The connector is based on bio-compatible materials with state-of the-art specific design technique. This solution can achieved remarkable clinical benefits such as: symmetrical attach of both vessel ends preventing any blood leaking, leaving optimal vessel diameter at the anastomosis site while not interfering with the blood flow. Thedevice is transparent to all known diagnosis technologies (such as X- Ray, M.R.I, Duplex – US and Doppler) which enable convenient imaging of blood flow through the anastomosis and enables intraluminal balloon dilatation and stenting procedures as well, due to its increasable diameter. Once increased (under the balloon pressure), the device keeps its new diameter firmly preventing any collapse at the conclusion of balloon dilation procedure. Installing SeamVad's device is easily achieved with its designated introducer

SeamVad’s device automates and considerably improves this blood vessels connection procedure usually named "Anastomosis". Hence, SeamVad offers a safer and expedited anastomosis procedure.

Contact Info

Contact Person David Akunis, CEO and Co-Founder
Address High-Tech Village 1-1, Givat Ram Campus, The Hebrew University, P.O.Box 39158 Jerusalem 91391, Israel
Phone 972-54-433-9599
Fax 972-2-566-1881