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LeukoDx Ltd.

Sector: Medical Devices - Monitoring & Diagnosis
Medical Field: Infectious Diseases
Technological Field:
Year Established: 2007
Stage: Seed

LeukoDx is an early-stage company advancing its novel compact fluorocytometry technology platform. The platform development was initiated at Caltech with NASA funding.

This groundbreaking technology has a wide range of applications, from early Sepsis detection, to HIV/AIDS monitoring and beyond.

It will deliver fast, actionable, sophisticated tests results at the point of care or in the field. This will help making better medical decisions when and where patient need them. It will also make test results accessible to a greater number of people than ever before.

Contact Info

Contact Person Julien Meissonnier, President and CEO

 3 HaMarpe St., 3rd Floor, AVX Building, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem 91451, Israel

Phone 972-2-674-4422
Fax 972-2-674-4455