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JP Med Ltd.

Sector: Biotechnology - Natural Products
Medical Field: General Health
Technological Field: Drug delivery systems
Year Established: 1999
Stage: Revenue

JPMed, a company developing innovative simple solutions for complicated unmet medical needs, has developed botanical based products using innovative patented drug delivery systems, to solve several pressing and prevalent medical challenges. The unique OGE (oil-in-glycerin emulsion) US patented platform with essential oils is being used to develop a pipeline of botanical products intended for ear and oral care indications.

All materials used in JPMed’s products are approved for human use. The company’s products are a perfect fir for the new evolving botanical drug industry. The company will concentrate its business development in three key target markets: Ear (Otic), Oral Care and Skin products.

Two products, Ear Comfort™ and AphtaGel™ are already registered as devices and sold in Israel. Ear Comfort™ is an antiseptic and local pain killing ear-drops containing solely natural non-antibiotic, non-steroidal active ingredients. It reduces pain within 1-2 hours of application, with the inflammation disappearing after only 48-72 hours of treatment. Presently this product is

in clinical trials in Israel. The company is in the process of filing its first IND with the FDA for Ear Comfort™. AphtaGel™ for the treatment of mouth ulcers, commonly known as canker sores, eliminates pain within one hour of application. It is a patient friendly product, easy to apply, that forms a protective coating that shields exposed and over stirred nerve endings. In comparison to other products in the market it cures faster and shortens relapses. Controlled clinical trials will be initiated in Israel the first quarter of 2009. Two additional products also registered as devices will be launched shortly.

The company has a strong IP with two issues patents and two filed ones that protect its products and technologies.

Contact Info

Contact Person Mr. Eitan Harduf, CEO and co-founder