Bio-Lab Ltd.

Sector: Biotechnology - Specialty & Research Reagents
Medical Field: General Health
Technological Field: Chemicals, Solvents & Molecular Biology Tools
Year Established: 1974
Stage: Revenue

Bio-Lab produces and distributes selected high purity solvents and chemicals for research, routine laboratories and industries.
Bio-Lab offers a wide range of chemical products to the expanding local market.An increasing share of its manufacture is exported world-wide. Bio-Lab serves the traditional chemical field with chemically pure (CP), analytical reagent (AR) and pharmaceutical grade of chemicals and solvents.

Bio-Lab Ltd. develops several speciality lines such as:

  • HPLC and Spectofluopure grade solvents and formulations
  • Environmental solvents
  • Extra-dry and Supra-dry solvents
  • Peptide synthesis grade reagents and solvents
  • Chemicals, biochemicals, buffers and transfection reagents for Molecular Biology
  • Formulation, solvents for the electronic industry

Contact Info

Contact Person Dr. Meir Ehrenfreund, CEO
Address Industrial Zone Atarot, P.O.Box 34038, Jerusalem 91340, Israel
Phone 972-2-5841111
Fax 972-2-5841110