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Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is a supremely professional ministry that constitutes the “biggest law office in the country”. The Ministry and its operations constitute a cornerstone in the existence, fortification and creation of the rule of law in the State of Israel. The areas of responsibility of the Ministry of Justice include legal advice and legislation, the Office of the State Attorney, Civilian Legal Aid, the Public Defender, the Department of the Public Trustee and the Official Receiver, the Department of Land Settlement Registration, the Department of the Chief Government Appraiser, the National Center for Mediation, the various registrars including the Companies Registrar, the Patent, Designs and Trademark Registrar, the Information Storehouse Registrar, additional registrars and also units responsible for professional licensing, including the Council of Chartered Accountants, the Council of Land Appraisers, the Mediators Registrar and the Department for Licensing Private Investigators and Security Services, the unit of the Registrar of Authorizing Bodies.


Contact Info

Address Salah -a - Din  29   P.O.Box  49029    Jerusalem 91490
Phone 972-2-6466666
Fax 972-2-6287757